jueves, 19 de abril de 2012


This is my Neighborhood

I live in Maracaibo specifically in Ziruma, is a zone that is ina really bad shape, the streets are horrible, the walk side are very usefull for the people that live there, there is too many insegurity and the public services are so different so that mens that the garbage is for everywhere and near the houses.

Student life. Starting Out.

The education in Venezuela is very important like other countries. We have a selection process, afther finish high school we do a test that would help us to choose the career that we will study. The time dipends on the university is it is public or private all the university have vacations on december and at the end of every period. It has three schedules for studying on the mornings, in the evenning or at nights. After finish the career is the graduation at the universities have good environment and all have conditions air, laboratories and all what person need for study.

My University!

The urbe is a big building, it has seven buildings, a big library, , a lots of laboratories, and a lot of main halls it also has a  health services building and coffee break.

My Errands

Running Errands

On this part I´m going to explain a little about my errands that i do every day.

In a normal day I wake up at five thirty am (5.30am) at sevent am (7.00am) I take the bus to go to the university, them at one (1.00pm) I go to my work until sevent pm (7.00pm). On the weekends I do a list about the things that I need in my house to go to the supermarket. After going shopping I go to the hair salon and on Sundays I go to the church with my family. Once a month I go and pay my public services like CANTV and ENELVEN, I also go the bank for doing transactions rutines. Twice a year I go to the doctor for doing my rutines examns an I also go to the dentist once a year following their indications. Those are the activities that I usually do, and there are other people that do the same activities. This are in the unit 5 of level 5 that help us for knowing about the subject.

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Mystery Story

The mystery of the checkpoint south of the castle of San Carlos

How old building does not have its mysteries? The Castillo de San Carlos de laBarra, fortification dating from the seventeenth century created to guard the entrance to Maracaibo from the constant attacks of pirates, a place full of secrets, riddles and mysteries. Its walls, some with almost 3m thick, are witnesses of innumerable events: battles, deaths, wins, losses and even secret ghosts and apparitions.

The Castle has a star shape and in four of its points are located four guard postspointing the four cardinal points. One of these checkpoints, the South, save agreat mystery:

They have the inhabitants of this island in the South Garita, about twelve and one o'clock, while the soldier on guard covered his shift, he felt a chilling cold andclearly heard when a voice behind them said: "or you will result or relief. "In turn, the impression of the soldiers was so great that came through the checkpoint to launch terror or were fired without explanation themselves.

Even today this mysterious story is told by our friends Castillo guides. However, it remains an enigma this terrible event happened many years ago.

Los Puertos de Altagracia

In the 
Los Puertos de Altagracia , Zulia state, down from a short cut had little or no road, is said to be beyond many pirate ships landed and buried the morocotas, there is a section called Calvary in this sector said that in the square that is located there they appeared at 1am 5 women dancing, singing and shouting scaring everyone was going on around